Learn How To Trade Cryptocurrency For A Living - Replace Your Income, Increase Your Wealth, and Achieve Financial Freedom Using Simple Yet Powerful Strategies

And bank your first $274 profit trade in 90 days or less

WITHOUT relying on dodgy signal services or bots

Even if you have ZERO experience investing or trading.

‣ You're about to learn:
  • The Simple yet Powerful Strategies that let me and thousands of others trade any crypto coin for profit - in ANY market direction
  • A Systematic Trading Process to help you effortlessly find winning trades in just a few minutes a day and reach consistency in record time 
  • ​How to read charts & analyze price action like the pros to find endless opportunities in the market (and profit even when the market is down!)
  • How to reinvest your profits for compounding wealth
  • ​How to scale your skill and turn this into a full-time income
  • ​How to live off your profits like a king (or queen!) while STILL watching your account grow
‣ You're about to get:
  • 148 x Life Changing Lessons most pro traders have to learn the hard way
  • ​​​​9 x Proprietary Tools, Calculators, Journals, & Trading Techniques
  • 29+ hrs of over-the-shoulder, step-by-step videos
  • ​​The Complete Breakdown of my Most Profitable Trading Strategies
  • And a Custom Tailored Trading Plan so you can win trades without spending 10 hours on the charts everyday
What is it?
The most well-rounded and all-encompassing online trading education course on Earth!
• Learn how to trade cryptocurrency professionally and live off your profits
A complete collection of interactive over-the-shoulder video lessons showing you everything you need to know from funding your account to placing your first winning trade
• Every tool you need to succeed as a crypto trader (including some of the ones I developed myself that you won't find anywhere else)
The knowledge you need to CONFIDENTLY level up, skill up, and  set yourself apart from the amateurs
This is for you if you're:
✔️ A complete beginner in the crypto market
✔️ A new trader who has dabbled in crypto but hasn't found consistent profits yet
✔️ Looking to create a new source of income, make money online, and achieve financial freedom
✔️ In search of a way to FINALLY escape the 9-5 rat race (without joining a pyramid scheme or starting an OnlyFans)
✔️ A Business Owner or Entrepreneur that wants to protect their wealth and doesn't want their profits rotting away in the bank
✔️ Experienced traders looking to expand into or to take their digital investments to the next level
How does it work?
• Watch the step-by-step walkthrough video lessons, follow the guides and teachings, use the tools, calculators, and checklists to implement the simple trading strategies
Find winning trades in less time than it takes to make a coffee or take a 💩
Extract the most profits from your trades each and every time
• Achieve inner-peace knowing you can make money from anywhere with internet access
• Get instant access to the full course dashboard
• All chapters, lessons, and modules of the course will be yours to view or replay at any time of the day
Self-paced program to learn at your own speed - as fast as you like or with as much time as you need

Join now & you'll get all this 👇

Instant access to 17 chapters with my winning Crypto Surf Strategy PLUS golden nuggets like...

✅How to trade crypto for CONSISTENT PROFIT
       (even in 2023)
✅WHEN to buy to increase your profits and 
✅HOW MUCH to buy to grow your account ASAP
      (even if you only start with $100)
✅WHICH COINS to buy in different markets
✅My most profitable (and simple) Crypto Surf
      Trading Strategies
✅How to predict the next market move with
      ridiculously high accuracy
✅How to UNLOCK A Bulletproof Trader's mindset
      and psychology
✅Money management
✅How to SAFELY manage risk to reduce volatility 
      and protect your capital
✅How to read charts and analyze price WITHOUT
      reading every news release
✅The best charting platform to use
✅How to build and diversify your portfolio of coins
      for long-term growth
✅How to protect your money in dips and crashes
✅How to profit even when the market goes down
✅How to use crypto
✅How to spend crypto
✅How to keep your crypto safe and store it 
      securely without ever worrying about getting
✅How to get FREE crypto (yes, this is real)
✅How to sell when it gets to $20k, $50k, $100k,
      and more for profit
✅5 non-trading ways of making money with crypto
17 Chapters
148 Lessons
131 Videos
29+ Hours of Video
1 Massive Life Changing Opportunity...
What is Crypto to Riches Trading Mastery?
From: Hillorie Le
To: Future Wealthy Crypto Traders
Dear friend,

You've been interested in crypto for a while, and rightfully so. Even in 2023, crypto is an incredible opportunity to build wealth…

Especially if you get in while Bitcoin is not at its highest.

You want a better future. You want to live a better lifestyle. You want to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities coming our way.

AND you want to be prepared for the next crypto wave and not be left behind (like last time).

Don't forget these waves too:  the technological advancements AND the economic shitstorm underway.

Maybe you're one of the "lucky" ones still employed and able to work...

But you’re watching the cost of living skyrocket and have NO IDEA how you’re going to survive - let alone thrive. (Looking at you, eggs and rent!!)

So you somehow still find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, just getting by, not being able to buy what you want or go where you want, when you want to (does ANYONE out there think 2-3 weeks off per year is enough?).

You don’t want to spend the next 5-45 years of your life working a job that barely pays the bills - from the age of 23, I knew I definitely didn't.

Perhaps you're feeling stuck, feeling left behind, feeling like there is not enough time in life to do the things you want to...

... yet you're constantly being told to "count your blessings" or “be grateful for what you have”?

You know you're supposed to be grateful... yet you can't help but feel frustrated, stressed, and anxious about your current situation (or the current world events).

We've never heard the words "unprecedented" and "uncertain" so much before as we have in the first few years of this decade...

And frankly, I think C-word was just the start of all the unravelling to come.

From where I’m sitting, it’s looking like a decade-long recession, global financial crisis, hyperinflation, Great Depression 2023, Death of the Dollar, Bitcoin Century - whatever you wanna call it.

If it felt like you were just scraping by last year…

THIS year is going to hit you hard.

You need to get ahead of that!

How can you make 'certain' of one thing - your financial future - and be fully equipped for what's to come? 

By working smarter, not harder.

By making money on your own terms, not someone else's.

By being in control of your finances… not at the mercy of the world.

Let me show you the best way to make money this decade.

Our parents had the American Dream, stocks, and real estate to get ahead.

Their American Dream has turned into our Amer-I-CAN'T Dream.

What our parents had - what they built and HOW they built it - is now out of reach for 99% of people.

Including you and me.

The investment required to be successful with a brick-and-mortar business, stocks, and real estate are out of reach for most...

Which is why we have to be smart and take advantage of what we do have - crypto.

It's not too late to get onboard - in fact, if you're reading this, IT'S STILL EARLY!

(YES - even in 2023!)
There is still a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY for you to make your first dollar trading crypto and have it change your life.

Crypto Trading Mastery is designed to take you from a complete beginner and turn you into a confident and consistently profitable crypto trading pro (in a short period of time - because financial freedom can't wait!)

This course will provide you with all the proven strategies, market secrets, and "cheat codes" that have helped hundreds of people win their first crypto trade…

And continue to profit to this day (even with the market being down)...

So you can turn your crypto trading efforts into profits you can live off of.

You'll also learn the "set-it-and-forget-it" system for trading cryptocurrencies that allows you to wake up in profit...

Without being glued to your screen 10 hours a day or having a million notifications on your phone like a hectic Wolf Of Wall Street scene.
I don’t know about you… but I got into this world to have LESS stress and chaos. Not more.

This is the ONLY program you’ll ever need for getting everything all set up to start buying and trading your first digital currency...

And then grow and scale your account as you trade your way to peaceful and independent freedom.

You won't have to work for someone else or rely on the government. You'll be able to support your family, retire your parents, rely on yourself financially without having to feel stressed, exhausted, and overworked everyday.

Financial freedom with crypto and trading isn't just possible... it's highly likely.

I’ll teach you exactly what to invest in, when to buy, when to sell... 

AND give you my best technical analysis techniques for finding winning trades less than 15 minutes a day...

You'll be predicting the next market move with uncanny high accuracy (and I'm throwing in tons of real world examples to prove how well it works!).


🤑 I'll show you tricks-of-the-trade hacks like how to properly research a coin you're interested in (before losing your money to a deceiving trick or scam)
🤑 How to determine if a price trend is weak or strong
🤑 How to identify winning trade signals
🤑 How to allocate your capital wisely and let your profits generate more profits, even if you only start with a few hundred dollars
🤑 And much, MUCH more.

So that you can start AND succeed as a trader without ever needing a single additional resource.

This is truly the LAST financial freedom course you’ll EVER need.

Big claim, I know 😏

Look, I get it...

If your daily rant sessions sound like this 👇

👉I'm not making enough money
👉I don't have enough savings
👉I'm overwhelmed with debt
👉I don't know how to grow my wealth
👉I don't like my job or boss
👉I'm overworked and underpaid
👉I got laid off/lost my source of income because of the mass layoffs
👉I feel anxious about how I will support myself or my family


In a matter of months, you're going to go from complaining daily to free and empowered:

🔜 I'm working less and making more!
🔜 I've paid off all my debts!
🔜 I'm finally growing my savings and building my wealth!
🔜 I can make money from anywhere in the world!
🔜 I have the time freedom to do what I want, when I want, as often as I want!

Let me ask you this...

If you're not where you thought you'd be in life by now, financially or otherwise, do you have a plan to change that?

Most people don’t.

And that’s ok (for them - lol)

But if YOU don’t have a plan and you're NOT ok with that...

Then you have 2 clear choices:

1. Keep doing things exactly the way you have been doing and remain stagnant, frustrated, living below your means, and simply get used to your mediocre life...


2. Enroll in Crypto Trading Mastery and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exponentially grow your wealth and retire from the rat race.

I know what I want for you.

Do you want the same for yourself?

My biggest fear for you is that you wake up 6 months from now in the same spot you are today.

❌ You don't know how to trade
❌ You have no clue about what cryptocurrencies are or how to profit from them
❌ You aren’t aware of what's going on with your money or in the world
❌ You’re constantly stressed out and wanting better… you know how it goes…

I want to help you change all of that!

You’re about to get the boost you need to put you ahead of the curve. 

You'll be well equipped with financial literacy which is the first and most important key to achieving financial freedom and success.

You'll feel safe knowing you're ready for what's soon to come - a completely digital financial revolution that will change money as we know it.

When the world goes completely digital and cashless, guess who they'll turn to for help?

You - the one person who invested in themselves to learn about the next biggest thing since the Internet.

Today is the best time to secure your future and build your wealth.

The Best Wealth Generation Model Currently Present on Earth?

In my opinion, crypto trading is one of the best income producing and wealth generation models currently present on earth.


Compared to getting a degree… Or even training for a new job…

Time commitment to trade profitably is minimal.

The earning potential is (almost) limitless.

Overheads are next-to-nothing.

AND you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection!

🙅🏼‍♀️ You don’t need any equipment other than a computer or laptop…
🙅🏼‍♀️ You don’t need to report to a boss or have to hire/fire employees…
🙅🏼‍♀️ You don't need to market your product or service…
🙅🏼‍♀️ You don't even need to do customer service

Right now, on this page, you have the opportunity to learn how to trade for financial freedom.

Because the truth is…

You don’t have to work inside hedge funds, banks, or the trading floor at multinational corporations to be able to trade like the pros on Wall Street!

You don’t have to be the world’s most profitable trader...

You don’t even have to have the best strategies (although you will - because you’ll get complete access to my Crypto Surf Strategy which is world class 👌🏼)

You just need to be good enough to win more trades than you lose.

(Super simple, I promise)

Don’t get lost in the million-and-one things you hear different "experts" say about crypto and how you should trade it.

You don’t need 20 different trading strategies... that's the mark of someone that doesn't know what they're doing.

You need to be just good enough that you can generate income from anywhere in the world.

I can help you do that.

Once you join, you'll gain confidence to spot profitable, winning trades on your own, with ease.

No need for dodgy signal services, unreliable trading bots, no need to put your trust and life savings into some 'investor' who might disappear with your money tomorrow....

Why This Course is Exactly What You've Been Looking For

Many of my students felt the same way you feel now.

They felt lost working a job they hate...
For a boss they didn't like...
Doing work that didn't inspire them...
Getting paid less than they think they deserve.

Back when I was stuck in the cubicle life…

I remember thinking:

"What is the point in trading your valuable time for money but then not having enough time OR money to actually do what you'd love to do?"

Time is our most valuable commodity here on earth. Don't spend your time building someone else's dream. It's time to empower your life and start living up to your full potential!

Crypto to Riches Trading Education was created to empower you to start your path to financial freedom and grow your wealth...

Using the opportunity of a lifetime - trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Trading Mastery is specifically designed to cut YEARS off your learning curve and teach you the exact strategies to extract the most profit out of the financial markets.
Crypto Trading Mastery is a step-by-step online course on personal development, wealth creation, and finance mastery. 

And as anyone who has finished the course can confirm… It’s not just a trading course - Crypto Trading Mastery will teach you all the keys to live a successful, stress-free, masterful life.

❌ No ongoing payments
❌ No subscriptions
❌ No bots or A.I. traders you have to depend on (they’re all scams anyway)

Just a one time payment and a simple, step-by-step blueprint to get you to financial freedom…

Ongoing support, market analysis, and trade reviews from yours truly…

All my best teachings, philosophies, tools, strategies, "life hacks"...

And access to one of the best crypto communities on the planet.

My goal is to elevate the financial intelligence and personal empowerment of students through world class mentorship and mind-blowing over-the-shoulder, step-by-step video lessons.

This course caters to both complete beginners and sophisticated investors.

But first, let me warn you now ⚠

This is NOT for everyone
Let's make sure we are on the same page...

There are tons of "gurus" with courses and bots on the market promising to make you an overnight millionaire with a yacht full of bikini babes.

They tell you to "invest with them" and guarantee you a weekly payout of some big beautiful number...

Until eventually their whole cover blows up when they can’t deliver.

If this is something you are looking for...

Then we should part ways now. Feel free to leave this page and go back to your day job 🚶🏻

Because that is NOT what Crypto Trading Mastery is about.

This course is for people who are willing to invest the time required to consistently implement the strategies and principles I teach.

There’s no question you will get an insane amount of information and value from this program...

But even the best strategies on earth won't work if you don't put them into action.
This is NOT for you if you:
❌ Want to get rich quick
❌ Want to get rich easy
❌ Think you can get results without putting in any effort
❌ Get easily offended or triggered
❌ Don't have an open mind
❌ Have no intention of putting things you learn into action
❌ Complain & blame everything else for your circumstances
❌ Like to stay comfortable
❌ Prefer to live in mediocrity
❌ Like to play small
If you expect me to personally call you up and to tell you exactly when and where to get in on every single trade - DO NOT JOIN ❌❌❌

If you expect to master crypto trading with just 18 minutes of effort and then start complaining when you can’t find any profits - DO NOT JOIN ❌❌❌

If you hate making money by clicking a few things on a computer screen and would rather trade your time for money until you die - DO NOT JOIN ❌❌❌
If you fall into any of the categories above, feel free to click away from this page now. 

BUT if you are ready to completely transform your life and your finances forever... then keep reading.
Here's the thing...
You should only join Crypto Trading Mastery if you’re ready to call it quits on struggling alone trying to figure out a winning strategy without any luck...

Losing your money by following free crypto trading groups on Facebook and Telegram...

Or scouring YouTube for hours and leaving only more confused than before you started.

There's a lot of misinformation online that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

I can confidently say this is the ONLY program you’ll need to build a successful trading career using proven and profitable strategies to extract the most profits out of the markets.

This is NOT:
🙅‍♀️A pyramid scheme
🙅‍♀️Multi-level marketing & commissions
🙅‍♀️Direct sales
🙅‍♀️Trading signals that go off at the worst times of the day (Dodgy and unreliable)
🙅‍♀️A website or bot you put money in and get paid weekly returns (These are scams 🥴)

I’m all about giving you the skills you need to be an independent and profitable trader without me!

If you fully understand the difference between what I offer vs the bullshit that others offer, 
keep reading this page 👇

If not? Sorry, this program is not for you 🤷‍♀️

Here's What You Get As A Full Member...

Access to your own Private User Dashboard, where I post my very best content and market insights.

Lifetime updates as new info emerges. You'll hear about it FIRST inside Crypto Trading Mastery and will always be ahead of the curve.

✅ Access to high level content that is designed to help you empower your wealth, finances, and life trajectory

HD video trainings, downloadable tools, worksheets, checklists, calculators, and journals... This is the closest thing to a crypto "cheat code" that's ever existed

Access to my team and I as your mentor, guide, and support. Full member students always have top priority access before anyone else.

✅ Access to The Crypto Rich Newsletter. My regular newsletter to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the cryptosphere.

✅ You'll also get life-changing content to master other areas of your life and become a well-rounded trader such as entrepreneurship, staying healthy, managing your time, setting and achieving goals, managing your money, and planning your life... Golden nuggets, life hacks and tips galore.

I personally guarantee this will be...

The BEST $997 Investment You'll Ever Make in Yourself

But don’t take it from me. Take it from these incredible people who have MADE THE LEAP to becoming profitable traders!
While I was wading in the middle of
this ocean of cryptocurrency and trading.
She saved my butt – STRAIGHT UP!
She really helps you make trading shifts, and my trading really started to turn around. BIG TIME.
Once I got into Hillorie’s course I was able to take a few thousand dollars and now I have multiple portfolios with healthy 5-figure sums. I’m still building, I’m still learning.
Taking her class offered me a freedom I never thought I could have in the sense of being in control of my own money and growing my own wealth. The course teaches you everything about trading from soup to nuts.
I’ve placed many trades that were successful and I apply the [Crypto Surf Strategies] on repeat. Yes I’ve also had some losses but because of the strategies and how Hillorie teaches you to place trades, I have very tight risk management as well so I don’t have big losses.
So far I’ve gained everything back that I did lose in the past and add more on top of that. I’m a lot calmer now in my trading. I know what I’m gonna lose and what I’m gonna win most of the time, every trade is planned.
She gets life, she understands life she’s about living life, not just staying alive.
I wanna be free and I wanna travel and I wanna be excited about what life offers. I think I’ve found my right path through Crypto Trading Mastery and Hillorie’s work. There’s so much more to trading than just setting up wallets and putting up a trade in the market.
I was almost ready to give up on crypto trading and that’s when I met Hillorie. I am so happy that I went with Hillorie’s course. Her course has really helped me to feel confident with my trades. I 100% recommend Hillorie’s course to anyone that’s looking into starting to trade crypto or make it into a full time job.
Hillorie does such a fabulous job explaining how to trade, how to get organized, she creates all these spreadsheets [for us]. I had no previous knowledge on trading at all, and I had no problem following along.
I set myself little tasks like turning $50 into $500, turning $100 into $1000, and I think that’s been an amazing achievement for me because it’s NOT HODLING! I’m actually invested and involved in the market. I’m swing trading, man!
That's right, full member access to Crypto to Riches Crypto Trading Mastery is just a one-time payment of $997 USD.

That's 5, 10, even 50 times cheaper than what some of the other trading courses out there cost... and I'll bet they don't even scratch the surface of what you'll learn inside Crypto Trading Mastery.

That's because I want to make professional financial and trading education accessible to as many people as possible...

My mission in life is to guide as many people as I can toward freedom.

Because I truly believe we all deserve to be free!

So why am I charging you for this program?

Because I need to see that you’re willing to invest in yourself by having some skin in the game.
Here's my promise to you...
Look, here's the truth...

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program and continue to improve it so it remains the best program out there.

We have more satisfied students and profitable traders than any other gooroo in this industry.

So I need to know you’re willing to meet me.

My life is dedicated to teaching what I've learned, sharing what I know, inspiring and motivating others to go after everything they deserve.

I truly want to help my students empower their lives with financial literacy and lead them to financial freedom.

This is my purpose. This is my mission.

I have travelled far and wide, and spent over $100,000 studying and learning from the greatest minds out there...

You’re about to get access to some of the most valuable information from the greatest minds on earth…

For less than 1% of what I had to spend to learn it!

I’m routinely told that the information I share inside Crypto Trading Mastery is INSANELY underpriced. 

So if you don't find it valuable, honestly I don't want your money 🤷‍♀️

Which is why I've backed it with my:
Life Changer Guarantee
I personally guarantee you will learn more about money, finance, the economy and the markets inside Crypto Trading Mastery than you ever learned in your 12 years of public schooling.

Knowing these things that school, society, your teachers and your parents never taught you will empower you with the right know-how and tools to change your life. Once you know how the money game works, it's easy to win it and literally print money off the internet.

And if I don't deliver on this, CALL ME OUT ON IT and I will make it right!

So you get to spend 30 days with me inside the program risk-free...

And if your mind is not blown, your jaw is not dropping, and your eyes aren't wide opened...

You can claim this guarantee and I'll give you your money back and we can amicably part ways.

That’s my promise.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

Click the button below to get started immediately 👇

Hillorie Le

P.S. Let me summarize your deal

On this page is a chance to join us on the inside of Crypto Trading Mastery for a one-time payment of $997.

It's THE most well-rounded and all-encompassing online trading education course on Earth!

- Access to all lessons with walkthrough video, text, engaging graphics, and audio

- Access to proper training and education about crypto and how to trade the financial markets that majority of traders out there don't have

- Access to your own personal dashboard where you can track your progress and completion

- Access to weekly newsletters jam packed with the latest and greatest crypto information

- Access to me and my team whenever you need help or have questions

- No monthly subscriptions
- No A.I. bots that swallow your money into oblivion
- No gurus or tactics that only work part of the time

Just genuine, reliable trading education that will help take you from making your first winning trade...

To quitting your job and trading for a living.

So click the button and join us right now.

Here's What To Do Next...

Step 1: Click the big blue button that says "Join Crypto Trading Mastery" anywhere on this page.
Step 2: Enter your information

Step 3: You'll get instant access to your Crypto to Riches Dashboard 

It's as simple as that!
I look forward to serving you in Crypto Trading Mastery, which I know will take your life in an incredible and inspiring new direction. Oh! And when you sign up, send me a private message on instagram @itsmehillorie and I'll personally send you my warmest welcome to the program.

To your wealth & success,
Hillorie Le

What Our Students Are Saying About Crypto Trading Mastery...


What's the difference between a consistently profitable trader and an amateur trader?

Simple: Proper training and education in the markets.

Just like anything, using crypto to grow your wealth is easy... once you know how.

Did you know...

90% of traders blow 90% of their account in 90 days?

and 80% of day traders quit within 2 years...

All because they didn't invest in themselves to get the proper training and education that teaches
them about key trading subjects like:

- human psychology (what every other trader is thinking and doing wrong)
- a bulletproof trader's mindset (how to think and treat your trading like a business)
-risk management (protect your capital and coins from hacks, thieves, losses)
-trade management (protect your profits and squeeze the most profits out of your trades)
-money management (grow your money fast and make money in dips & crashes)
-probabilities (predicting the next market moves with high accuracy)
-compounding interest (the fast track way to grow your account to $1 million)
-capital destruction  (make sure you win more than you lose)

Luckily for you, these are all core subjects, concepts, and theories
taught inside Crypto Trading Mastery

So this statistic shouldn't strike fear in you...

It is your responsibility to NOT be in the bottom 90%, and you being here reading this shows me you were destined to be in the top 10%.

"If you try to enter the world of trading and do not pay for your training, the market will extract from you the cost of education."

I've Developed a System for Beginners with No Experience to Become Consistently Profitable Crypto Traders

This is not a program that will make you a millionaire overnight...

But if you implement the strategies and techniques I teach, you WILL see your wealth grow.

You will make more money than you’re making right now and slowly start to replace your income, build your wealth, and achieve financial freedom from a boss, job, spouse, your parents, or the government.

Why do I say that?

Because I have done it myself and helped others do the same.

Whether you’re just starting out or have already dabbled in trading...

Crypto Trading Mastery is specifically designed to cut YEARS off your learning curve.

You'll learn everything I wish I knew at the beginning of my trading career (including the mistakes NOT to make - whoops!)...

And all the crypto-related information I had to do countless sleepless nights of research on for years.
No other trading education course on the planet teaches as much as I do.

Risk management.
Money management.
Trade management.
Human psychology.
A Bulletproof Trader's Mindset.
And everything in between...

You will be introduced to a whole different level of living and thinking that will allow you to master all other areas in your life.

Not just the trading strategies and how to win the financial wealth game (which you will learn a lot about too!)

If you are wondering why on earth these topics are even taught in a trading course, well that's precisely why most traders fail - they don't even know these are important to your success as a trader! These are core concepts that must be learned and understood before progressing forward and actually being good at trading.

I train beginners to become professionals at crypto trading. 

THEN I train them how to grow their wealth and live a rich and free life!

You won't need me after you go through the course and soak up all the good sh*t!

Once complete, you can make money on demand. (Kind of like The Fed when they need to pay off more debts or start more wars! 🥴)

You'll know how to confidently spot and pick profitable winning trades on your own.

Anytime you want to make some money from now on...

You sit down at your charts and are able to do it all by yourself!

You won't need me or anyone else to build your wealth or live your life.

Ready to become a professional crypto trader?

About The Creator

Living in Hawaii from 2018 - 2019

Hey guys & gals! I'm Hillorie Le, the creator of Crypto to Riches Trading Education. I have been trading the financial markets since 2014. I started with forex and expanded into crypto in 2017.

Like most of you, I started on the traditional path of school > degree > professional designation > career > corporate ladder. I did 17 years of school which included 5 years of university, and even went on to get my CPA (Chartered professional Accountant) designation after graduation.

After a few years in the white collar workforce, I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt depressed, anxious, stuck, and constantly daydreaming of where I'd rather be. I couldn't stand the thought that I was wasting the best hours of my day (8am - 6pm) and the best years of my life (22-67) rotting away in my cubicle.

The work didn't inspire me. Yeah sure, it paid the bills, covered the necessities, and afforded me some cute clothes and nice vacations - but I was only allowed to take 3 weeks off work per year to enjoy it!
While slaving away 40+ hours a week, I worked my butt off learning and excelling at trading the financial markets.

Eventually, I started waking up to more profit from trading and my online businesses than I would make for that work day's salary.

I became resentful of the mind-numbing, soul-sucking system... I started feeling tired, drained, exhausted, unmotivated to show up to work... I lost the spark that made life fun!

"Why am I even showing up when I could make more money in my sleep?!"

A life-defining moment occurred when my partner and I made a wild decision to retire from the 9-5 rat race and move to Australia in 2016!

After almost 3 years of learning how to trade the RIGHT way, I quit my cushy corporate Accounting job, after having just received my 3rd(!!!) raise.

All this sounds like a nice story come true, but I was seriously and obsessively honing in on my craft - Daily chart analysis, strategy testing and tweaking, trade execution and management, constantly learning about money, the world, and finances... I would sleep 4 hours a day, I'd be up all night studying price movements in the markets. A lot of rest was sacrificed!

So we left for Australia and lived there for 6 months. Continued our way to Asia for another 3 months.
After returning home to Toronto and immersing myself even deeper into all things crypto, blockchain, and digital currencies, we left again and lived in Hawaii for a full year.

Trading from Greece in 2015

I know for a fact this 'best life' would not have been possible if it weren't for me perfecting and excelling my skill in the world of trading.

Analyzing charts from Vancouver in 2017

Now that I've been doing this for 9 years, I want to turn around and help others find what I've found. The money, the time freedom, location freedom, and journey of never-ending self-development.

I am now on a mission to empower one million families with financial literacy taught in a clear, concise manner. This is a global revolution by education and I'm set on helping people step into the world of cryptocurrencies. I will single-handedly have a huge part in driving crypto adoption by helping others open their first Bitcoin wallets and get comfortable understanding, buying, using, and spending cryptocurrency. IT'S OUR FUTURE 🙌🏼

Financial literacy is the most important key to achieving financial freedom, and I truly believe crypto trading will get you there faster than any other investment vehicle this decade.

I poured my heart and soul into this course and filled it with lessons that took me 9 years of blood, sweat, p*ss and tears to learn. Maybe you don't have 9 years to wait, maybe you don't have 6 hours a day to study the markets, financial education, and analyze charts like the madwoman I was. I want to give you the fast-track pass so you can avoid the mistakes I made (some of them quite costly!) and cut straight to the wisdom. I'm giving you a shortcut to my knowledge and wisdom gained over all this time. It is with my truest intentions that this course changes your life for the better.
Take the SHORTCUT to my knowledge today!
I've spent years scouring the internet and immersing myself in all-things-crypto, and now I want to share them with you! This is everything you need to succeed in the market.
✅ Get an MBA (practically) in crypto trading
✅ Learn a new language - Technical Analysis 
      (language of the charts)
✅ Clear, concise, simple video lessons
✅ Make over 100% ROI of profits in your
      first year of trading
✅ 100% Life Changer Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions
What currency is Crypto to Riches Crypto Trading Mastery priced in? 

It is a one-time payment of $997 United States Dollars (USD)
Can I split my payments or pay you in installments?

Now, you can! For a very limited time we are testing out our EARN AS YOU LEARN PLAN. This allows you to split up your tuition over 3 easy payments while you take the course.

The payment plan is 3 bi-weekly payments of $397 USD each.

When you click "JOIN NOW" and are taken to the checkout page,  select the "Payment Plan" option.
What payment options are available?

We accept major credit cards and cryptocurrency payments at checkout. We do not accept PayPal.
How do I pay with crypto? What happens next?

For crypto payments, you can pay with BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI, USDT, and USDC.

When you click "JOIN NOW" and are taken to the checkout page, scroll down and click the "Coinbase Commerce" button for the official crypto payment experience 😍

You do not need to be a Coinbase customer to check out with this payment gateway.
Need step-by-step walkthrough instructions for paying with crypto? HERE YOU GO 🤩

⚠️Please ensure you account for fees that your exchange/wallet may charge for sending crypto so that we receive the full expected amount. (This means to add any transaction fees to how much you're sending, if applicable.)

Once the blockchain network has confirmed your crypto payment in full, you will receive a confirmation email from Coinbase Commerce notifying you it has been cleared. 

PLEASE give us some time to manually enroll you into the course - you will get a welcome email from us as soon as we have unlocked your access to Crypto Trading Mastery. We likely live and work in a different timezone from you, so we appreciate your patience! We typically enroll all crypto payment students within 8 hours.
How much content is included?

A Pacific Ocean full. Kidding! well, sort of - its 148 lessons with 131 videos and over 29 hours worth of my life's best work and the best crypto content you'll find anywhere on the internet.

There is no filler and fluff. Every minute of content contained in the course contains gold. You'll also receive all the tools and software that is used throughout the course.

By the way, I am constantly adding to Crypto Trading Mastery. You'll get all these updates for free, for life.
What tools will I receive?

✅ The Crypto Starter Training & Toolkit
✅ Crypto Surf Trading Strategies x 2
✅ Crypto Surf Trading Strategies Checklist
✅ Crypto to Riches Trading Journal
✅ Crypto to Riches Compound Interest Trade Calculator
✅ Crypto to Riches Dollar Cost Averaging Journal & Strategy
✅ Crypto to Riches Fast Track to $1 Million in 300 Days
✅ VIP Student Community Access
✅ Kick Ass Goal Setting Process
✅ Grand Master's Ultimate Book List for Life Mastery & Success
How long will I have access for and does it come with support if I need help?

You will gain lifetime access for the lifetime of the course. 

This means: as long as the course is still up and running and Hillorie is still teaching crypto trading, you will retain your access! (I have no plans on saying farewell to my crypto or my trading or to teaching others how to live a financially free lifestyle anytime soon, sooo....)

You will get 1 year support & mentorship from Hillorie and the Crypto to Riches team through the student Facebook group community, email support, and Course Discussions.
What if I'm already doing another course or program?

Many students inside Crypto Trading Mastery are currently or were previously members of another personal finance/trading course. They've said not only does my teaching compliment and reinforce concepts they've already learned and added clarity they never had before, but they also learned more from me than from all other sources combined. I am confident Crypto Trading Mastery will perfectly compliment any business venture, mentorship program, online course or other personal development program you are taking. You will receive powerful nuggets of information that will accelerate and skill you up in your wealth creation journey.
What if I'm a complete beginner? 

AMAZING! This is NOT a disadvantage. I LOVE working with beginners! You are the best type of students because you are coming in with a fresh slate and your mind is not yet polluted or tainted with misinformation. You will learn faster than you think. Whether you're new to crypto, never traded before, or never took finance in school, you have an advantage over others that have since you will not have to unlearn bad behaviour! Crypto Trading Mastery is designed to turn you from a complete beginner into a consistently profitable crypto trading pro.
I work a fulltime job / I’m a fulltime parent, what if I fall behind?

You're not alone! So many Crypto Trading Mastery students are aspiring corporate escapees and are juggling learning how to trade while working full-time AND having to look after dependents. (This was me once upon a time! And look at me nowww 😜)

But at just over 29 hours of content, if you could commit only 30 minutes a day (that's probably a whole lot LESS than the amount of time you spend scrolling social media right?) you would finish everything in less than 60 days. BUT THEN, you'll have weekends and you'll have some days where you're able to spend a little more time with me - maybe 1 hour or even 2 hours - and that is just going to speed up your course completion rate. So don't stress. This is a self-paced program, you can finish this program as fast as you like or with as much time as you need. Crypto is going to be around for lifetimes. There is no rush, as long as you commit to a little bit of learning every single day.
What if I’m an entrepreneur/business owner and have to run my business?

If you're asking this - you are absolutely in the right place! Ecommerce store owners, food trucks, brick and mortar, self-employed, tattoo artists, lash artists, YouTubers, streamers, photographers & videographers, traveling singers, actors, models, other course creators and so many more entrepreneurs are in my course… every business owner NEEDS to be investing!

A smart business owner invests their profits and turns that money into more money! Otherwise, your profits gets eaten up by rising inflation and currency debasement. While you might not have time to trade often, you should at the very least be investing your money in the markets to protect your retained earnings and all the hard work you've done from decaying! You will learn a few different strategies to make money in the crypto market without actively trading everyday.
How much do I need to start investing and trading?

As little as you have and as much as you can afford to lose.

This means, yes, you can start with $100! And no, you do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin. I teach students in over 80 countries, and as everyone's financial situation around the world is different, there is no one-size-fits-all number.

This also means, no, do not spend your rent money on crypto. This means NOT refinancing your mortgage or taking out a loan to trade. If you don't have cash, liquidity, or income, you should not be trading or investing - this stands true for crypto OR any other type of investment like stocks or real estate.

This is not a life rescue mission. You will not get rich by next Friday. Please only invest & trade if you have the basics covered - shelter, food, clothing.
Can you guarantee me a certain amount of profits?

That would be cool, but no, I can’t.

For most students, they will get out exactly what they put in - time, effort, study, and practice. I do not sell hype. I've seen that when students consistently implement the strategies, principles, and techniques I teach, they smash and outdo their own profit target goals. For some, they take this material and something just clicks and they experience massive account growth instantly as soon as they start trading. For others, they will need to keep putting the theory into practice for years to see their profits exponentially grow over time. A few may not actually do the work required to get them results and will see no change at all. They skip lessons, don't put what they learn into action, they may try to "game" the strategies taught to make them richer quicker (and this never ends well).

Obviously, I can’t control that.
Do you have a money back guarantee?

I've got your back with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I totally believe in fair-exchange, honesty, and fairness. If within 30 days of your enrolment into Crypto Trading Mastery, you feel that you did not receive value from me that is in fair exchange for the tuition you paid, you may be granted a refund of your purchase minus any payment processing fees.

To be eligible for our money back guarantee, you must contact us before 30 days has elapsed from the day of your course enrolment with the request form completed. Any requests sent after this time will not be eligible. Please click here to view the full terms and conditions for this!

So if you decide partway through this fantastic journey that you don’t want to take part in the biggest investment opportunity of our lifetime…

Or that you would rather not learn to trade crypto like a pro… 

Then you can get your hard-earned dollars back!
See what everyone's saying about it...
Join the thriving community inside Crypto Trading Mastery on their #CryptoToRiches journey!
If you're ready to get your shit together and level up in life (and in the markets)
Then take the deal and join us now!
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and you'll get:
‣ A full wealth creation journey
‣ Prepared for the upcoming Global Wealth Transfer
‣ A high-income skill you can use for life
‣ Confidence to spot profitable winning trades all on your own, with ease
‣ All the processes and techniques professional traders use
‣ The knowledge to set yourself apart from amateur traders that fail
‣ On track to financial freedom
‣ Properly positioned for the Digital Revolution of Finance
‣ Support and mentorship from me and my hand-picked team 
Disclaimer: None of the above constitutes financial advice or any sort of recommendation. These are purely opinions.
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