I help people understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. I'll teach you how toΒ buy, use, and spend them.Β I'll show you the smart and simple way to trade crypto that will get you closer to your financial goals.

psst... crypto is not supposed to be scary or over-complicated!Β  stick with me I'll show you how πŸ€—

My vision πŸ”­
To empower one million families with financial & crypto-literacy taught in a clear, concise manner. This is global revolution by education and I'm set on helping people step into the world of cryptocurrencies. I will single-handedly have a huge part in driving crypto adoption by helping others open their first Bitcoin wallets and get comfortable understanding, buying, using, and spending cryptocurrency. IT'SΒ OUR FUTURE πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
It is my top belief that financial literacy is the first and most important key to achieving financial freedom - you don't get the freedom without the literacy!

I know that crypto is for our generation what stocks, real estate, and "The Amer-I-CAN'T Dream" was for our parents and their parents' generation.

Therefore, in effect, I will lead one million families towards financial independence.
My mission πŸš€
To learn as much as I can in order to turn around and teach all that I've learned with the world.
To know as much as I can so I can turn around and share everything I know with the world.

I want to motivate others to get off their butts and empower them with the right tools and strategies to go for everything they've ever dreamed of.
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